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Maddalena Crespi, 27 years old, Milan, co-founder and director Osso Magazine
Tea Pavanetto, 28 years old, Milan, co-founder and director Osso Magazine

Your motto
M: You say hello I say goodbye
T: As long as the boat goes, let it go

Present yourself in three lines
M: I really like astronauts, the smell of coffee and toasted bread in the morning and I’m always up for a movie.
T: I wake up very early. Coffee and cigarettes.

Where did you grow up
M: Born in Milan and raised in Scotland
T: Still growing up in Milan

What were your dreams as a child
M: Probably becoming some kind of hero in any field
T: Nothing special, to become a doctor

What are you doing now
M & T: In 2014 we created Osso Magazine that could be described as visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics and most of all amusements: a daily source of inspiration for creatives everywhere, offering in-depth features on artists, designers, illustrators, graphics videos and up-and-coming trends.
Osso Magazine is a website entirely dedicated in showcasing contemporary culture through media contents. Every day we update and publish inspirational works of some of the most influential names across the art world. The site is an authoritative voice in the contemporary Italian art scene, highlighting emerging talents and sharing exclusive interviews and artworks.
Osso Magazine is also a platform for creative minds and emerging writers, giving space to everyone that has something relevant to share. Our mission is simple: to bring a carefully edited selection of the best pop culture from around the world to the Italian audience.

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How did you succeed
M & T: In the past two years Osso Magazine has grown across many platforms and social networks, reaching over twenty thousand page views a month. We have collaborated with many art fairs and emerging festivals through media partnerships as well as worked as a consulting image makers with other brands.

How have your studies influenced your career
M: I think that my studies have broaden my horizons and open my mind to new challenges and adventures. I think that my career was more influenced by people other than studies.
T: I studied philosophy, which is described as a subject that opens up your mind. At least, that’s what people are saying. But, as well as Maddalena, I don’t think that my studies influenced my career.

Mistakes that you would change
M: I built a whole life on top of mistakes
T: The list is long, take a sit

What are your dreams today
M: To succeed in what I do and being able to keep on doing it.
T: To keep on doing what I do and be successful doing it

If you could choose, where in the world would you live
M: Where I am right now.
T: Ettore Sottsass’ apartment in Milan

Your funniest evening
M: Watching Monty Python on my sofa is pretty funny.
T: When I spend hours teaching my dog to bring me stuff that i need

Your Sunday
M: It really depends, I like to spend time at the park with my dog and have a nice dinner with some friends.
T: On the rooftop of Soho House in NY, just kidding! In my home reading buzzfeed

The three tips which you couldn’t live without
M: Everything that connects to the internet, a glass of sparkling water when I’m really thirsty and lying in the shadow on a beach during the warmest months. Sneaking food into the cinema.
T: I only have one tip: sleep well.

A person to follow on instagram
M: Michael Dumontier – @stoppingoffplace
T: Julian Glander – @glanderco

Osso_Magazine_Vanessa-McKeownPh credits: Vanessa McKeown

E. ossomagazine@gmail.com
IG @ossomagazine



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